Christopher Brogdon municipal bond programs are the subject of a new investor lawsuit by the Peiffer Wolf investor right lawyers. The Peiffer Wolf lawyers have sued a financial institution and two brokerage firms that, their complaint alleges, assisted in the Brogdon bond programs. In the new lawsuit, the Brogdon bond investors are seeking compensation for their investments.

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Chris Brogdon Accused of Fraud in Connection with His Municipal Bond Offerings

According to the lawsuit, Brogdon orchestrated a series of municipal bond offerings that purported to raise money for investments in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and/or retirement housing throughout the United States. Brogdon-controlled companies purportedly managed the nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and were responsible for disbursing the investor money raised through the municipal bond offerings. Instead of using investor proceeds from a particular Brogdon bond offering for the facility for which they were intended, Brogdon diverted a portion of the proceeds to either pay for his and his wife’s lavish lifestyles or to prop up the Brogdon alleged scheme. Also, contrary to the “use of proceeds” provisions in the Brogdon bond offerings, Brogdon commingled funds raised from investors, including working capital, and used the commingled funds in part to make Ponzi-like payments to other Brogdon bond offering investors.

While testifying under oath, Brogdon stopped answering questions and invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

New Lawsuit on Behalf of Brogdon Investors Seeks Compensation from Financial Institution, Brokerage Firms

A financial institution and two brokerage firms, are alleged in the new Peiffer Wolf lawsuit to have assisted and facilitated the Brogdon municipal bond scheme that resulted in harm to investors.

The SEC filed an action against Brogdon in November 2015 and charged Brogdon with operating a fraudulent scheme.  The SEC action is subject to a Court-approved Plan of repayment.  Peiffer Wolf is seeking to recover additional damages from the financial institution and two brokerage firms on behalf of investors.

To prosecute this case on behalf of Brogdon Bond investors, the Peiffer Wolf lawyers have teamed up with the Philadelphia law firm of Goldman Scarlato & Penny, which prosecutes complex litigation on behalf of investors and consumers nationwide.

What Investors Can Do

If you invested in the Brogdon muni bond offerings, you may contact the Peiffer Wolf investor right lawyers for information about the case they filed or a free, no-obligation evaluation of your recovery options.  Contact attorneys Jason Kane or James Booker at 216-589-9380, via email at, or through the contact form on this website.

The Peiffer Wolf attorneys represent victims of investment fraud and investment-related misconduct across the country. They typically take cases on a contingency fee basis and only get paid for their fees and case expenses if and when they recover money for their clients.

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