The securities attorneys at Peiffer Wolf have been contacted by investors and are preparing to take action on their behalf in an effort to help them recoup losses suffered as a result of the allegedly illicit conduct of Christopher Brogdon. Their goal is to go after third party-entities that, they believe, have assisted the alleged fraud perpetrated by Brogdon.

Brogdon was sued by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), which alleged that he was participating in a fraudulent scheme in connection with his business of dealing in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and retirement homes. To further the scheme, Brogdon allegedly raised money through municipal bonds, but instead of using proceeds for purchase and renovation of nursing homes, he spent the money on himself or to pay earlier investors. The SEC’s civil complaint alleged that Brogdon violated federal securities laws and asked for an injunction against Brogdon’s conduct.

Given that it is unclear whether Brogdon’s entities have sufficient assets to repay investors, the securities attorneys at Peiffer Wolf are attempting to assist investors in supplementing any recovery the SEC secures. Investors in many of Brogdon’s programs could be affected by the recent legal proceedings. These programs include Gordon Jensen Healthcare Association, JRT Group Properties, Mobama Nursing, National Assistance Bureau, Saint Simons Healthcare, or Winter Haven Homes.

Christopher Brogdon investors are encouraged to contact the Peiffer Wolf lawyers, Jason Kane or Joe Peiffer, to assist them in their investigation or discuss about legal options.

Investors in municipal bond offerings orchestrated by Brogdon or his entities may contact the Peiffer Wolf lawyers at 216-589-9280, by email at, or by filling out the form on this page for a free, no-obligation evaluation of their investment recovery options.

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